My Chinatown Aura Reading

When it comes to Auras and Chakras, if you are like me, you know a little bit about how they effect our overall energy state and well being, yet not really much more beyond that.

After reading a recent article on Auras, by a popular well being site called Mind, Body Green, I was excited (or at least intrigued), to experience one of these readings for myself.

The article mentioned there was a place in the heart of Chinatown, New York, where one could get such a reading for $20. The reading would involve a photograph being taken using Aura Imaging , which would then apparently reveal what Aura colors I had.

Being that I lived in New York, I decided one brisk October afternoon, to bring myself downtown to a little store called Magic Jewelry and book myself in for one of their $20 readings. A very friendly Chinese woman behind the counter, was more than eager to assist me, and within minutes I was seated on a little stool in the corner of the store. Next thing my picture taken and moments after that, the picture began processing before my eyes.

The lady began then explained to me, that we all have different color auras surrounding us, and often these colors can changes at different times, days, month and periods in our lives. The aura colors can be influenced by stress, everyday problems we are facing and even positive  circumstances and events that are experiencing on a daily basis.

I was told that I had a lot of purple and pink energy surrounding me and that meant I was a very spiritual person. I was also told that these same colors, also surrounded my heart chakra and this meant that I was very open and had lots of passion in life. The women continued to tell me that I had white light in the background, which meant that I was very sensitive and vulnerable to outside energies.

10 minutes or so later, the reading ended with me being told that I have a lot going on in my life both personally and professionally, and that I was likely not getting enough sleep. Although this was very true, being that I live in New York City, this statement would likely be relatable, to any of the 8 million people that live here.

Nonetheless, I happily accepted the aura photo that was carefully placed inside an envelope and then handed to me, as I headed out the door. Would I come back as suggested in a few months, to see if my energy state and colors had changed? Honestly I probably would, or if nothing else, at least research more about auras and chakras. I am someone who believes that energy effects everything we see and do and therefore this most certainly is a topic worth exploring further.

If you would like to learn more about aura imaging and how it works, find out in the video below :



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