Celebrity Star Signs- Week 1




Want to know more about your favorite celebrities and the attributes and traits of their star sign? We here at Freeastrology123 just love providing you with the best horoscopes for your sign. Have you ever wondered though about the star sign of your favorite celebrity? Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at the zodiac sign and attributes of some of today’s hottest stars.


Famous Pisces – (Justin Bieber – Born March 4th , 1994)

Justin Bieber’s road to success has very much been one that dreams are made of. He was discovered on the internet when a talent scout Scooter Braun found his home made videos of him singing on YouTube. Justin was signed quickly to a major record company and his first album went straight to platinum. Attributes of a Pisces typically include being sensitive, however Justin’s moon is in Scorpio, which often represents a very deep outlook on life. With a Gemini rising also in his chart, it represents that Justin could embody a very  dynamic and versatile approach to life!


Famous Aries – (Lady Gaga – Born March 28th, 1986)

Lady Gaga is one of YouTube’s most visited musicians, and producer, song writer and human activist can also be added to her list of talents. Lady Gaga, embodies the fiery and ambitious attributes typical of those with the Aries sign. She is creative beyond measure, has created worldwide fame and will likely reach new creative heights and stardom in the years to come.


Famous Taurus – (George Clooney) – Born May 6th, 1961)

George Clooney has been dubbed as one of today’s most sought after bachelors. However in the acting world he has also been a successful and dependable producer, screenwriter, actor and director, winning multiple awards including Golden Globes for his multitude of efforts. George’s Venus is in Aries, which means that he is dependable, up front about feelings and honest in romantic affairs. He also has been known to be quite the humanitarian and this could likely be because of two aspects in his house that are features in (altruistic) – Aquarius. Could George it be possible that George is just all-round good guy?

Famous Gemini – Angelina Jolie (Born June 4th, 1975)

Angelina is just as famously known for her acting, as she is for being the girlfriend to Brad Pitt and the mother of their six children. Her chart is an interesting mix of Gemini and Aries, which shows great independence as well as restless tendencies. Angelina’s house also shows Cancer influences which can often indicate strong domestic connections. Overall Angelina proves to be powerful, yet perhaps an enigma of a woman.


Coming up next week:

Prince William, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson & Kim Kardashian

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