Celebrity Horoscopes – Week 3


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This week we take a look at the celebrity birthdays and horoscope signs of Selena Gomez, Kate Middleton, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.


Famous Cancer – Selena Gomez (July 22nd, 1992)

Selena Gomez is most certainly making a name for herself in both the music and film industry. She has shaken her Disney Image and is starting to come into her own, making more adult films and somewhat sassy music. According to the stars, Selena was born for the spotlight. Especially as she has the Sun, Mercury and Venus all set in stage loving Leo. Selena also has two aspects in Taurus, which is often associated with level headedness and convention .If this is true for Selena, then she should be able to maintain a down to earth attitude as she continues to attain fame and awards for her successes.


Famous CapricornKate Middleton (Jan 9th, 1982)

Kate Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, is famous for her courtship and marriage to Prince William of the British Royal Family. Kate has her sun sign in free- wheeling Capricorn. Kate has her Mars and Pluto  in Libra, which is often associated with a love for art, society and beauty. After Studying Art History at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland, this would make sense of Kate’s love and appreciation of art, beauty and her sense of style. Kate’s Moon is in Cancer, which gives strong emotions and powerful ties to home and family. Kate has long been known to have a close relationship with her mother and father and her maternal instincts will come to use shortly, with the upcoming birth of her baby to Prince William.


Famous Virgo – Beyonce Knowles (September 4th, 1981)

Beyonce is one popular diva in the music world. Her music has seen her receive many top awards and accolades throughout her career and definitely made her one of today’s hottest celebrities. Beyoncé’s success is definitely because of her talent, yet may also be attributed to Virgo’s often perfectionist and critiquing attitude. Virgo’s like to make sure that everything is perfect and exactly how it should be. Virgo’s are also often shy and somewhat introverted and although Beyonce shines in the spotlight, she is one of the Hollywood celebrities that prefers to stay away from the limelight in her private life.


Famous Sagittarius Taylor Swift (December 13th, 1989)

Taylor Swift has become a huge music star on the Country and Western and Pop music scene.  Those born under Sagittarius are often happy characters and although Taylor who writes her own songs, often talks about breakups and heartache, we bet she is a cheery character with friends and loved ones. Taylor also has four aspects in self-disciplined Capricorn which clearly shows, in her constant hard work and awards that she has won. Taylor is an all-round hard working talented young star and we are sure she will be making many hits for years to come.

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