Celebrity Horoscopes – Week 2




This week we take a look at the celebrity horoscopes/ birthdays and star signs of Prince William, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson & Kim Kardashian.


Famous Cancer (Prince William – June 21st, 1982)


Prince William has enjoyed the triumphs of being born into the Royal Family and also the tragedies of being brought up in the spotlight. This included the very public death and passing of his mother Diana. William is a double Cancer, meaning that both his Sun and Moon are in this sign. This often represents are very emotional or sensitive person and one who is often very protective of their family and loved ones. After the Royal Wedding in 2011, yet again a very public affair, we saw William marry his longtime love Kate Middleton in a fairytale wedding. With William’s sensitivity and protective nature, we are sure that Kate has snagged herself one handsome Prince.



Famous Leo (Jennifer Lopez – July 24th, 1969)


Jennifer Lopez has become a popular celebrity in both the music and acting word. Being from Hispanic origins, her many accolades and awards have also brought her great respect and made her a role model in the Hispanic community. Jennifer has both her sun and mercury in spotlight loving Leo, which would also explain her love for fame and attention. She has often acquired a reputation for being quite a diva, yet with her moon in Sagittarius, it also suggests that she could be more humble and down to earth in her private life.


Famous Virgo: (Michael Jackson) – August 29th, 1958)


Michael Jackson is one the greatest entertainers of all time. The King of Pop as he was often called, unfortunately died at the age of 50, in 2009. Virgos are often perfectionists in nature and Michael most definitely embodied these characteristics, within his music and dance. Virgo’s are often sensitive characters which would explain why Michael when off stage, was extremely shy and introverted. Michael also had three aspects in Leo, which signifies his undoubted love for the stage. He was a brilliant performer and earned many awards throughout his career, spanning more than 40 years.



Famous Gemini – Kim Kardashian (Born October 21st, 1980)


Kim Kardashian has most certainly become a household name, famously for her reality show and rather infamously for her sex tape. Charming Libra Kim, does not have spotlight loving Leo in her chart, yet she does have a moon in in Pisces, representing a much deeper and serious side than she portrays to the cameras. In acting it is all about keeping up appearances and Kim does that job extremely well. From attending every A- List party possible, Kim’s sign of Libra suggests she most definitely has 2 sides. We hope that her other side is a motherly and nurturing one, as it will be much needed after the recent birth of her baby girl to boyfriend Kanye West.

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