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1 Card Tarot Rocks!

Have you tried any of our free tarot readings yet? We currently offer three types, including our 1 card tarot ,3 card tarot and Horseshoe

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2014 Astrology

Well 2014 is already up and away, with the first week gone already. We hope you all had a wonderful & peaceful holiday season and

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Love compatibility

    Hello everyone, We are excited to release our latest feature Love Compatibility just in time for the holidays. Find out which zodiac signs

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Be I’m – Possible

      Did you know if you break down the word impossible, it actually spells I’m Possible! Understanding this, can mean the difference between

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Free Stuff Friday’s

    We here at FreeAstrology123 love giving you all the best in free Astrology, Inspiration and Motivation. We are kicking off  Free Stuff Friday’s

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2014 Horoscopes

Who’s ready to find out what’s in store for them for the year ahead? 2014 is coming up super fast ( can you believe we

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Yin and Yang

The Yin- Yang are hugely popular concepts in Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Astrology. More often referred to as Yin and Yang and look at the

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2014 Love Horoscopes

How do the cosmos affect your life? Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, are a wonderful way to find out what’s in store for you in

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Angel Numbers 2

      Following up from last weeks blogs, about Angel Numbers, this week we take a look at a new set of number sequences

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Angel Numbers

Guardian Angels watch over us – always. Our Angel guides give us signs and guidance to help us through tricky situations in our lives.

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Valentines Day 2014

    Happy Valentines day everyone! Valentines Day is the official day for love around the world and many will be out their showering their

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