Cameron Diaz Tarot Reading

Since the 1990s Cameron Diaz has sparkled across our screens in films as varied as; The Mask, There’s Something About Mary and Being John Malkovich. Earlier this year she married tattoo loving rocker Benji Madden in a secret ceremony. Naturally, I had to discover what is on the cards for Charlie’s Angel Cameron.

When giving a tarot reading it is best to know as little as possible about the querant (which is a bit difficult when they regularly turn up in the media). As I already knew about her recent wedding I was not surprised when the Four of Cups turned up in Cameron’s spread in relation to her present situation. You often find this card when someone has experienced something special and now the time has come to return to a more mundane life (not that one can consider Cameron’s life mundane). The Four of Cups reminds us that after the party we will have to wash the dishes and tidy up. Fortunately, Cameron seems to be able to accept this and she is willing to put her sequined shoulder to the grindstone once more.

The next card represents her relationships and is a Court Card (a King, Queen, Page or Knight). Court cards are notoriously hard to interpret as they can refer to a physical person who is involved in the subject’s life or the way the subject feels about a situation. The card I picked for Cameron was the Queen of Pentacles. This card suggests a person who is shrewd, hardworking and capable. This, allied with the Four of Cups, makes me think that The Queen of Pentacles is Cameron herself, and that whilst she relished the excitement and happiness of her wedding, she is aware that life cannot always be a romantic whirlwind and it is time to be practical. This is a woman who does not let her emotions overwhelm her but is able to keep two feet firmly planted on the floor even when she is in love.

No sooner had I interpreted one court card when low and behold another of them turns up, this time in the finance sector of Cameron’s spread and it’s the Knight of Wands. Fortunately, the following card, the Nine of Pentacles is there to give me a clue as to the meaning of this card. Knights are the most vibrant of the court cards; whatever vibe a suit has the Knight multiplies it a hundred times. In this case, the Knight represents Cameron herself, and it shows that she is bursting with energy, drive and a ‘can do’ attitude even to the point of being reckless. Furthermore, it suggests that Cameron is about to launch herself into something different and unexpected. Fortunately, the Nine of Pentacles in the career part of her spread means that this gamble can pay dividends as long as she is confident enough to follow her heart.

The Page of Pentacles appears in the section of her reading concerned with her health. Generally, she seems on firm ground and there are no serious concerns here. Nevertheless, there is the suggestion that she may need to be sensible and ensure she does not work too hard. Moderation and common sense will enable her to maintain a healthy balance.

There are certain cards which tarot readers do not relish seeing in a spread, not so much because they point to problems but that they are difficult to interpret; as we have seen this applies to the Court Cards but it is equally true of The Moon. The Moon appears in the final part of Cameron’s spread which applies to travel. The Moon relates to the hidden side of life such as our subconscious, the paranormal and intuition. Equally, it can point to lies, deception and unseen influences for better or worse. Whenever The Moon appears in a person’s spread the only thing you can be sure of is that things are not as they seem. Therefore, it seems likely that a journey could play a major part in Cameron’s life, uncovering something which seems to have been hidden from her. But has she discovered the truth or is the ‘revelation’ in fact a web of half truths, confusion and lies? The only way for her to reach the facts will be by using her own intuition, but she must remain objective as her own feelings could distort her judgement. Phew! I told you The Moon is a tricky card to interpret, and now you know why.

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