Bill Cosby Tarot Reading

Comedian Bill Cosby has been setting the media alight recently and not in a very good way. The star of The Cosby Show has been accused by a number of women of sexual assault and/or rape. The type of spread I am using for this reading does not show the subject’s past, so it will not tell us anything regarding the truth or otherwise of the claims made against him. It should, however, give an insight into how they are influencing his life now. With such serious allegations hanging over him, are Bill’s days as an entertainer numbered or will the Cosby comet still shine brightly in the celebrity cosmos?

In this reading I asked the tarot what the future holds for Bill Cosby.

The first card in his reading represents what is happening in his life at the moment, and I wasn’t altogether surprised when it turned out to be the Three of Swords. No-one relishes the appearance of Swords in their reading as they tend to point to a difficult time in a person’s life. The Three of Swords suggests Bill feels hard done by and that he believes life isn’t being fair to him at the moment. It seems that Bill will lose a relationship of some sort, this could be romantic, business or social interaction (the rest of the spread will clarify which). For Bill to make headway with his problems he needs to do some careful soul searching and take an honest and open approach to his situation.

I picked the Queen of Pentacles for the relationship part of Bill’s spread. This tells me that he is a very lucky man as there is a person in his life who is willing to give him a great deal of support. Traditionally minded tarot readers will tell you that this card represents a dark haired woman. I tend to think it refers to someone who is caring, family centred, calm and pragmatic: all qualities which will enable them to help Bill at this difficult time.

I knew it wouldn’t be too long before another Sword card scythed its way into Bill’s spread, and here it is; The Seven of Swords, skulking in the cash section of his reading. The Seven of Swords allied with the previous Three of Swords suggests a business relationship could become strained to breaking point, particularly as one of the people involved is likely to be acting in a two-faced manner. Like the Three of Swords, the Seven underlines the need for honesty, and so there is no chance of Bill getting away with anything however minor at the moment.

When it comes to his career, Bill was given the Four of Cups. Cups, well, they’re good aren’t they? Usually, but the Four is a tricky chap. It tells me that Bill has been riding a wave and for now he is going to have to swim against the tide. For the time being at least, Bill will need to work hard to reach his goals.

I picked the Two of Cups to represent Bill’s health, and what a remarkable card to find in this part of his spread! The Two of Cups usually refers to romance, love and partnerships so what is it doing in the health part of Bill’s reading? I must admit I was flummoxed for a while then I remembered the Queen of Pentacles from the relationship section of the reading. The support Bill has gained from the person represented by the Queen of Pentacles has enabled him to face this difficult time in his life without feeling the negative effects of his situation as much as you might suppose. Yes, Bill Cosby is a very lucky man.

The last card shows how many journeys Bill is likely to take over the next year, and the Nine of Rods tells me travel doesn’t feature a great deal in his life for now. He is much more likely to stay somewhere he feels safe and secure than explore new and unfamiliar territory.

Bill is going through a difficult time and it may impact heavily on his career. The only way he can mitigate his problems is to work hard and make sure he is honest and transparent in his dealings with the world. Luckily for Bill, he has support in the shape of a caring and wise person who is willing to stand by his side.

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