Everything You Need To Know About the Best Psychics in the World

Are you curious to know what the future has in store for you? Maybe you are at the crossroads of some major decisions in your life. Maybe you are looking for some clarity. Do you know that you can take a sneak peek into your past so that you will know how to work on your present and improve your future through the help of the best psychics?

Yes, that is possible. Everyone has the ability to do so. But there are some who are more attuned to their psychic gifts and abilities than the rest of us.

If you are looking for the best psychics to help you out in your quest to achieve some clarity, this post is definitely for you.  Here, we’ll share with you the characteristics you should look for in a psychic and how you can tell authentic psychics from those who are not. Also, we’ll cover some of the important aspects of getting a psychic reading and its many benefits. Let’s begin!

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Characteristics of the Best Psychic Advisors


Some of the best psychics in the world have a set of common characteristics. These are traits that you want to look for when you are searching for a psychic to determine that they are indeed genuine and sincere. Other than these characteristics, you just have to go along and trust your gut when it comes to getting a feel for the psychic’s character. You will be the best judge of that. Let’s begin with the first trait to look for in a good psychic.

They Only Have a Few Clients
A good psychic is one that only has a handful of clients. Real psychics don’t book clients for back to back sessions. This is because psychics are naturally emphatic; they are like a sponge. They can absorb the feelings of their clients just by being in the same room with them. What this means is that they can only take in so much each day emotionally. Psychics want to be able to devote the much-needed focus for each client. That is why they can only see a few for each day.

They are Most Likely a Water Sign
You can ask the psychics you may meet what their zodiac signs are. Usually, they have a water sign. They could be Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. People who have these zodiac signs have the most enhanced psychic abilities. They will be able to sense how you feel before you even speak. They can take you down to the roots of your deep hurts. Psychics with the water sign also have the ability to peek into your possible future.

They are Close to Animals
A psychic office or home will usually have an animal in it. It could be a dog or a cat, or any animal really. Psychics like to have animals nearby because they can be comforted by them. Especially when the psychic has met with numerous clients in a day and has absorbed different kinds of energy, the animal can bring in the much-needed comfort. In general, animals also have the tendency to be close to psychics because they are in sync to their chakras. Also, if you have a pet, the psychic will most likely know that you do.

They are Honest
Trusted psychics are honest about what they can and cannot do. They will tell you upfront about their capabilities. Psychics cannot read minds. What they can do is to give you an idea of your future through the imagery that they see in your mind. Through this, they can foretell the near future. Some psychics can even get a sense of your past as well. They have the gift and the knowledge to give meaning to the images that they see.

Use the psychic readings wisely. You are being given the opportunity to take command of your future. Don’t let the past drag you down, no matter what you have been through. Your life is still yours, and you can command what the future will be through your actions today.

High-Rated Psychics vs. New Ones

Highest rated psychics have already established their reputation. These are the ones that you should look for. However, you may encounter some challenges when you have found them. You may have to get listed on a waiting list to be able to set an appointment with them. This may take weeks or months because as stated above, they can only take a handful of clients at a time. However, if you are willing to wait, it will surely be worth your while.

New psychics, on the other hand, are still building their name and may not be as experienced as the higher-rated psychics. But don’t mistake them for not being good at what they do. Some may even be more gifted; they just haven’t had the same exposure and recognition yet. An advantage of going to a new psychic is that they have more time to accommodate you. The downside is that since they are new, you may not have read or heard as many testimonials about them compared to established psychics. You just have to go and try them out yourself. Who knows, you just might discover the next best psychic to call.


How to Recognize Legitimate, Reputable, and Authentic Ones?

Reputable psychics can immediately tell you an important detail of your life at the very start of your reading. This information is something which is unique to you and has relevance to what your present life is. Real psychics can give you details about what your current circumstances are. They don’t need to ask you personal questions. In fact, they shouldn’t be asking you about anything during the reading. You can tell the ability of the psychic through these characteristics.

Also, the psychics should be able to detach themselves and not place their personal opinion on the table. They are honest and won’t hold back any information that they perceive.  A good psychic must be specific and accurate. If you find the reading to be vague, they are just giving out statements that can easily fit anyone. Lastly, you don’t need to give out any important information about yourself. The psychic will do the talking during the reading.

Best Psychics

Who are the Best Psychics in the World?

Now that you have an idea about how to tell legitimate psychics from those who are not, let us look at some of the best psychic readers in the world and their works.


Edgar Cayce
Cayce spent forty years of his life practicing his gift. He would lie down on a sofa, close his eyes, and put himself in a sleep state. He could then do a psychic reading for his clients wherever they may be in the world. Cayce was a teacher for Sunday school. He read the Bible passionately. In fact, he was an avid reader, having read over ten thousand topics which include physical well-being, the Akashic records, and literature about past lives. He was known to be the 20th Century’s most documented psychic. You can say that he was the best psychic of our time.

Sonia Choquette
Choquette is famous all over the world as a spiritual teacher and psychic reader. She emulates love and peace. She has a best-selling book, Diary of a Psychic. It is a wonderful read as it tells the story of her life and how her abilities came into full blossom. Apart from that, she has other eight best-selling books, and she has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Choquette’s readings do not only focus on the predictions of the future. She makes her clients understand the true path of their soul.

Jeane Dixon
Dixon was known to be one of the best astrologers and psychics in the US. She is famous for her predictions. It was said that a gypsy discovered her gifts and that Dixon’s mother had been very supportive in her journey towards spiritual growth. Other than her predictions, she is also famed for her seven books. This includes an interesting read which is Horoscope for Dogs!

In the 1960s, Ruth Montgomery produced a book called A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon. It was about the life of Dixon and her works. The book was very successful during its time, having sold over three million copies.

Linda Howe
Howe authored the book How to Read the Akashic Records. Many readers claim that the book changed their lives. The Akashic Records are a record of your soul which may be revealed to you through a sacred prayer. In the book, Howe wrote that during the 9/11 terrorist attacked, her sacred prayer, the Pathway Prayer Process, was channeled through her. She could be the most accurate psychic ever.

Caroline Myss
Myss is a spiritual teacher, medical intuitive, and an author. She is respected and highly regarded worldwide. At present, she no longer sees clients for private readings. She wants to reach out to more people through her writing. Some of her books are: Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential, Anatomy of the Spirit: The 7 Stages of Power and Healing, and Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose

Who are the Best Psychic Mediums?


Now that you have an idea of the best psychic readers and their accomplishments, let’s talk about the best psychic medium.

George Anderson
Anderson used his gifts in helping many grieving families to communicate with their departed loved ones. He is a natural-born medium, and he started to communicate with spirits at a very young age. Anderson is a pioneer when it comes to mediumship. He is the author of best-selling books such as Walking in the Garden of Souls and Lessons from the Light. Anderson is also the subject of the book We Don’t Die, which is also a best-seller.

Theresa Caputo
Caputo was born and raised in New York. She is the author of the book; There’s More to Life Than This:  Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About the Other Side from the Long Island Medium.  She is very effective and renowned that she has a waiting list of two years. And that was even before she was famous. Today, she has about a million followers on Facebook. Indeed, she is among the best psychics online.

Chip Coffey
Coffey has been gifted since he was young. He is a psychic medium from New York. He has been to many television interviews and has worked with ghost hunters on Paranormal State. Coffey is known to be straightforward, and he says what is on his mind. He also helps kids through the television series Psychic Kids. He teaches them about working with their gifts and not fearing them. Also, Coffey loves animals.

Allison Dubois
Dubois was the inspiration for Medium, a television show. Apart from her successful TV shows and appearances, she has written so many books about the afterlife. This includes the best-selling book Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye.

Maureen Hancock
Hancock is fast becoming one of the most popular mediums in the US. It all began after she went through a car accident in 1992. It was then that she was able to communicate with the dead. She is best known for her sense of humor. With her readings, she is very accurate and detailed. Her show Postcards from Heaven are almost always sold out as soon as the tickets are available.

There are still so many others that are worth mentioning. Each psychic is one of a kind as they all have their unique skills, abilities, and talents. If you ever decide to have a psychic reading, know that there are so many benefits for doing so. Here are some of them:

You Get to Peek Into the Future
No one wants to be caught off guard if there are any bad events that may come. By going to psychics, we are given a chance to prepare for the future. Also, psychic readings can help in explaining some of the things that happened in the past. This can provide you insights and clarity as to why things happened.

You Get a Healthy Spiritual and Mental Life
You can get important information from readings. It can also be an avenue for you to release any negative energies. When you can do this successfully, you can begin to work on your pursuit of contentment and happiness.

You Can Prepare for Your Future Relationships
If you are single, it is best to go to a psychic. Not to know who your future love is but so that the psychic can give you some of the characteristics to look out for regarding relationships. People need to be compatible with each other so that the relationship can work and last. By going to a psychic, you get to know more about yourself and your future partner.

You Can Improve Your Career
If you are having some difficulties with your work or career, you can go to a psychic so that he or she can help you out. Sometimes, all you have to do is to get in touch with your inner self so that you can know yourself better. By knowing yourself, you’ll be able to handle the challenges in your life more effectively.

It Can Help You Cope
With the death of a loved one, it would seem like the world you know has come to an end. Don’t worry. All things will come to pass, just like pain and grief. A spiritual reading can help those who are coping with the loss of a loved one. It can alleviate the pain and bring some clarity at this time in their lives where things don’t seem to make much sense.

It Can Reveal the Meaning of Your Dreams
Sometimes you are not sure if your dream was a nightmare or a premonition. To determine what it is, it is best to have a psychic reading. Psychics can help you unravel the meaning of your dreams and assist you in knowing how to go about it.

Psychic readings have so many benefits. It is only up to you if you give yourself the opportunity to open the spiritual realm in your life. If you allow yourself that chance, it will surely be worth your while. Use the psychic reading to your advantage so that you can have a better future.

Have you been to a psychic reading lately? How was your experience? Share it with us in the comments below!

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