(Monthly) Gemini 22 May - 21 June

Gemini Horoscope
You can be full of creative ideas as the month starts, and happily expressing them to people in your local community or online too. Innovative Uranus's slow-down from later this month, is set to give you the opportunity to go within, to look at what you have learnt about yourself, and how you can assertively discover a more energetic way to achieve your goals and especially longer-term hopes. You have a gift for communication Gemini, and that can see a sparkling encounter midmonth, and a writing project may get the green light or go from strength to strength. A very important development occurs on the 20th, when the active energies of Mars arrives in your sign for an extended stay to March 2023, and you'll find your thoughts and ideas have an edge to them. Just be careful you're not too assertive! Mind, Steady Eddie Saturn is slowing down certain plans to travel, so use the time delays to sign up for an online course, to improve or share your knowledge. Later in the month, home, family and emotional strands, hold more sway.
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