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Aquarius Best Horoscope


For the next 12 blogs, we are going to explore the 12 sun signs and the traits and attributes of that sign .This week we look at the zodiac sign of Aquarius!


Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Saturn & Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer is pictured as a man holding a large jar or vessel, from which water pours out onto the land.


( 21st January – 19th February )


The glyph is two wavy, zig-zag lines, representing the water (also an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph), or alternatively the electricity associated with Aquarius’ second planetary ruler, Uranus. Aquarius is an airy, intellectual sign, thinking, talking and analyzing everything. They can be emotionally detached, but have strong feelings about justice and human rights. The water pouring from the jar symbolizes communication – the endless pouring out of mental energy and original ideas which often typifies an Aquarian personality.

Although the symbol of Aquarius included water, it is not to be confused with the fact that Aquarius is actually an air sign. Those born under an air sign are usually good communicators, intellectual thinkers and always moving about and have unrestrained ideas and mind. They are a rather unemotional sign, they appear to be detached from their emotions in comparison to some of the more sensitive signs. They are friendly and social people, however prefer to keep things light hearted rather than talk about deep seated matters of the heart. Aquarians prefer to hang out in social circles of like minded people and enjoy communicating with them very much.

Rather than focus on the mundane day to day responsibilities , those born under the Aquarius sign, are big dreamers and always plotting and envisioning how to to live these dreams out. Slightly detached, yet nonetheless great innovators and creators , Aquarians most certainly have a brilliant mind. They enjoy taking risks and are well suited to adventurous , intelligent and creative types. Aquarians are honest and loyal and seek the same in long term relationships. They are fun, good listeners and are definitely one of the more vibrant of the zodiac signs.

Aquarius Biggest Strength :  Vibrant and Innovative


Aquarius  Biggest Weakness :  Aloof and Unemotional

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