Automatic Writing for Receiving Information From Beyond

Sometimes our spirit guides and guardian angels want to share messages with us. But without the right tools, we won’t know how to listen. Automatic writing gives spiritual beings the chance to communicate through our writing. Do you wish to find out what the spirits wish to tell you? Continue reading to learn the power of automatic writing and how to receive messages from beyond.

Automatic or Channeled Writing Explained

Gifted psychics have the ability to channel written messages from the spirits without consciously writing. During a session of automatic writing, the psychic advisor taps into the spiritual realm and shifts into an altered state of consciousness. They begin writing and receive messages from a supernatural source. 

While channeling the spirit, the psychic begins to write and allows messages to come through onto the page. This powerful experience can reveal messages from loved ones who have passed on or important information from spirit guides and guardian angels. By communicating with the other side, you can better understand your past and current situation or learn what to expect from your future to make better decisions.

Famous Cases of Channelers Who Used Automatic Writing

Many famous cases of automatic writing show surprising evidence of how well it works to communicate with the other side. Famed author of the Sherlock Holmes books, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle often used automatic writing, as he wrote in his book The New Revelation (1918). Himself along with the late, great magician Harry Houdini received 15 pages of messages from Houdini’s mother during a session.

Even the government has turned to automatic writing to help solve cases. In 1989, Angela Dellafiora, a member of the CIA’s Stargate Project, was guided by spirits moving her hand in writing responses to find the location of a fugitive DEA agent named Charlie Jordan.

Musicians have even used channeled writing from the spirit guides for inspiration to compose lyrics. David Byrne, the lead singer of the Talking Heads, told GQ Magazine in an interview that he used automatic writing. Van Morrison also relied on automatic writing and dreams while writing his album Astral Weeks. 

Is This Ability a Born Gift or Can Anyone Master It? (H2)

Contacting the spirits with automatic writing is a skill anyone can learn. Although some people are born more attuned to their psychic abilities, automatic writing is still one of the easiest psychic abilities to master. Your spirit guides and angels are constantly sending you messages, but you may not know how to perceive them. If you keep an open mind, those messages will come through in spirit writing. 

How to do Automatic Writing – Step by Step Instructions

Are you ready to channel messages from the spirits on the other side? Follow these step by step instructions to begin your spirit writing session:

  1. Gather a pen or paper, or some prefer to use a computer during an automatic writing session.
  2. Now it’s time to relax and clear your thoughts through meditation. Bring awareness to the breath. Pay attention as you inhale and exhale slowly. You will slowly begin to feel calm and clear your aura.
  3. Imagine a window or door opening to the other side, the spiritual realm.
  4. Begin to write any questions you have for your spirit guides, on the paper or computer. You may have questions relating to your soul, or need guidance on a certain area of your life like love, career, family, or health. 
  5. Once you have written down your questions, concentrate on each, one at a time. 
  6. Focus on the open connection with the spirits. Now, continue writing whatever thoughts come to mind. Don’t overthink or analyze. Just keep writing down the first thing that pops into your head without judgment. During this stage, some prefer to keep their eyes open, or closed. It’s up to you. If you need to, take a break. But wait to evaluate writing until after you end the session. 
  7. Leave the writing to the side for another hour or so. Then come back to it and read what the spirit guides have shared with you. If you don’t understand a message, speak with a professional psychic who can interpret messages from the spiritual realm.

Remember that automatic writing is a skill that you can get better at over time. As you gain experience in channeling the spirits, you can hear their messages more clearly. You may want to consult with an experienced psychic for clarity and understanding during an automatic writing session. Speak with a top-rated psychic advisor today to schedule a reading and find out what your spirit guides wish to tell you.

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