Aries Astrological Sign

Period: 21 March – 20 April
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Aries Lucky Day: Tuesday
Aries Lucky Numbers: 18, 34, 22, 9, 45, 54
Aries Lucky Colors:  Red, white, violet
Aries Lucky Birthstone:  Diamond

About the Aries Astrological Sign

The Aries sun sign, the glyph shows the horns of the ram – an aggressive, adventurous and indefatigable animal. The energy and assertive, feisty qualities of the ram are always associated with the sun sign Aries. Another interpretation of the glyph is that it shows the eyebrows and nose of a human face. Aries rules the head, and is traditionally thought to be a headstrong sign – acting first and thinking about it later on. The Aries Astrological sign is the first sign of the zodiac, and like a child is ever ready to start anew and set off on adventures.

Enjoy 2016 best horoscope for Aries horoscope today, Aries weekly horoscope and Aries monthly horoscope. Courtesy of our wonderful Astrologer Patrick Arundell and Freeastrology123.

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