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Guardian Angels watch over us – always. Our Angel guides give us signs and guidance to help us through tricky situations in our lives. One of their favorite signs they give us relates to number sequences. You may have seen certain numbers pop up repeatedly and often you will see these numbers in number sequences. Number sequences are a common way to receive messages from the Angels. Some believe that each number has a vibrational frequency, that serves a purpose to provide us meaning. Find out more about some of these numbers below.

111  When you see these numbers you should look at and monitor your thoughts carefully.Be sure to only think about what you want in your life and what you want to create at this time.

123   When you see these numbers, it is symbolic that it is time  to simplify your life. Get rid of the clutter and anything that is taking too much of your time, money and resources.

222 When you see this number sequence, have faith and trust that everything will work out with the situation at hand.

333  When you see this number sequence, know that the Angels are here and want you to know that they are here to help.

444 When you see this number sequence, know that thousands of Angels are around at this moment, protecting you and are able to support you no matter what the circumstance.

555 When you see this number sequence, get ready as something is about to change in your life. Whether this change is positive or negative, will all be subject to your interpretation.

Next weeks blog, we will delve more into Angel Numbers and help you discover which numbers hold meaning to your life. If you would like to know more about how the Angels can help you , check our our free Daily Angel Guidance feature we have added to the site today.

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