Angel Readings : A guide how to use and understand them


Just what are angel readings you may be asking? Well angel cards have been around for a very long time. They are often considered extremely similar to tarot cards, in that they are both extremely spiritual. Angels are often associated with our spirit guides and those who have crossed over. To simply acknowledge that you are not alone and to allow yourself to be open to messages, allows the energy of the angel cards to help bring clarity and inspiration to your life.

There are many different types of angel card decks to choose from on the internet and in bookstores & new age retailers. It is important to look around and choose a deck that resonates best with you. You can do this by keeping an open heart and mind whilst you sample through the different images and messages that each deck offers and seeing which ones stand out for you.

Free angel card readings like we offer here at Freeastrology123, are great ways to help you to become more in touch with your own spirituality.  Angel readings bring positive messages to you on a daily basis and that’s what we here at Freeastrology123 are all about, inspiring you to believe in yourself and overcome any obstacles or challenges that are standing in your way.

How to read angel cards you ask?  Simply go the link below and click. It will take you to a new page where you will see a purple deck of cards before you. We ask that you shuffle the deck, whilst focusing your energy on the Angels and asking for guidance. You then click on any card you are drawn to, and the message you need to hear for the day will be revealed to you.


Come and enjoy our angel cards whenever you feel the need.

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