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Chinese Astrology is one of the oldest and most fascinating forms of the Astrology to date. It is still extremely popular, not only with the Chinese, its philosophies and beliefs are often embraced and used in the western world as well.  Chinese Astrology incorporates astrological elements as well as philosophy. Chinese Zodiacs or Horoscopes, are an interesting area of the Chinese Astrology and include 12 signs. Each sign is comprised of an animal symbol and includes traits and characteristics of that sign.  The 12 signs, include the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. In 2013, we are currently in the year of the snake!

The Chinese also believe that each of the 12 zodiacs include one of five elements. These elements include, water, metal, fire, earth and wood. The following list includes the 12 different zodiacs and which element they embody :

1. Rat- Water

2. Ox – Water

3. Rabbit – Wood

4. Snake – Fire

5. Tiger –  Wood

6. Dragon – Wood

7. Pig – Water

8. Rooster – Metal

9.  Monkey – Metal

10. Goat – Fire

11. Rabbit – Wood

12. Dog-  Metal

The 12 animal signs are assigned by a year and sign and each sign is supposed to represent the characteristics and how those perceive somebody to act etc, when born under such sign. Most people in the western world follow their yearly sign, however in Chinese Astrology, there is also signs created dependent on the month, day and hour you are born as well. For example you have been born under the year of the snake, however your month , day and hour of birth may signify traits of another sign.  You may well have traits and characteristics of the dog, as your calculations show that you were born under those influences.

Once you figure out your Chinese sign, another fascinating tool of Chinese Astrology, is Chinese Horoscope Compatibility.  Certain animal signs compliment each other more than others. Exploring Chinese Horoscope Compatibility features, are an exciting way to find out which different signs would compliment yours as a friend, lover, relationship and business partner. You really can do this for any type of relationship at all.  There is so much more to Chinese Astrology and we have only really brushed on it here at FreeAstrology123.  Explore our ” Chinese Section ” of our website, for more on Chinese Astrology and also enjoy many of our other features on the site for divination, love advice and tarot.

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