Actor Jeff Bridges Has Released A Sleeping Tape

There’s no doubt about it, Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges, definitely has that gritty sounding, yet uniquely soothing voice. One that has won him fans around the globe. Bridges recently played both lead actor and narrator, in the recent box office hit movie ” The Giver.” However the Hollywood A – Lister is making headlines in recent times for his new ” sleeping tape.”

Viewers from around the globe were stunned, when a 30 second clip aired during this years Superbowl, showing a very different side of Bridges.Captivating us with his smooth as silk voice, together with an assurance that we all need meditation in our lives, we must say that our interest was definitely piqued.

The album is called ” Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes”   and is designed to basically lull listeners to sleep. Bridge recently told the Wall Street Journal , that he worked extremely hard on this album. He also collaborated with ” True Detective” composer Keefus Ciancia, as well as Grammy Award winning sound master engineer Doug Sax.

Whilst working long hours creating the sleep tapes, Bridges exclaimed that this stuff ” actually works.” This acknowledgement came after he  decided to try them out for himself, whilst trying to get some much needed sleep, after long days on the set. He found that not only dead he drift off easily, he also work up smiling.

The great thing about this album is that you pay what you want and all proceeds go to ” No Kid Hungry”, a Not For Profit that is actively determined to end child hunger here in the US.

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The 30 second trailer that was released and aired at this years Superbowl:










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