81 Things You Can Learn From Traveling The World

Traveling the world nowadays, can mean so much more than a vacation. More and more people are discovering that traveling can become and education, one that extends far beyond what you will ever learn in school. We have compiled a list of 81 things we have learned from traveling, that we hope will inspire you on your journey too!

1. No matter what part of the world we come from, we are all want the same things in life ( happiness, love, protection, understanding are just a few of these).

2. In order to really explore a city, its important to just get lost and explore its streets.

3. It’s important to try to learn to speak a couple of words in the language of the place you are visiting.

4. When traveling, make a point of staying in a hostel for at least a night or two of your travels, you will meet so many people there from around the world and have a very different experience, than if you were staying in a hotel.

5. The world is so much bigger than we think. A hundred  and 198 countries to be exact!

6. Make sure to travel with a suitcase or bag that has wheels, it will save you time and time again, when traveling and transiting throughout airports and beyond.

7. When traveling wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You can still look stylish and chic, whilst being relaxed and comfortable. Your body and feet and will think you for it!

8. Instead of collecting shot glasses or postcards of the places you are traveling to, instead take a picture of someone you met there, along with a story about them. If gives both you and your family back home, to learn about other people in the world.

9. If you must buy a postcard, make sure to write on it what you have learned about the place you were in . Explain the location with all of your senses and that way when you send it to your friends or family back home, they too will feel like they vicariously traveled with you.

10. When taking photos, try not to just take pictures of famous landmarks or selfies. Include the architecture, people, children, animals and look for the magic in each and every place.

11.When traveling, try to use as many different types of transportation as there is possible to you. Ride a bike, take a bus, pedicab, ride in a boat. Each mode of transportation, will allow you to experience the city or place in a unique way.

12. When researching a place you would like to visit, go to Google and type in the name of the place____ and then ” off the beaten path”. You will find that the results will reveal lots of fun and interesting things to do in places, that many have never heard of.

13. Try to bring a notebook and journal with you and allocate at least 30 mins a day to relax take in your surroundings and write about what you are experiencing at that moment. Some refer to this as stream of conscious writing and it is a wonderful way to learn a lot about yourself.

14. Always pack at least one sweater and a comfortable pair of shoes, no matter where you go.

15. Don’t pack your entire wardrobe when traveling. Less is more.

16.The world is a lot more smaller than we think, especially with technology.

17.Climb as many stairs as possible when traveling and make sure to take time to walk. Not only will it give you a chance to explore, it will also keep you healthy!

18. The word ” spicy” has different meanings in different countries.

19. Viber or What’sApp are great apps to have on your phone and can allow you to stay in touch with family and friends around the world for free, whenever you can access WiFi.

20. Always bring snacks and water on trains, planes and bus rides whenever possible.

21. Your family and friends will be excited to hear about your travels, however avoid oversharing when possible on social media outlets like Facebook and try not to post more than a few of your favorite pics per day.

22. Planning is great, yet every extensive traveler knows that most of the time nothing goes to plan. Be willing to just go with the flow and recognize that many of the greatest moments and memories we have in life, often happen unexpectedly.

23.You will learn to face your fears when traveling, as you will be exposed to different types of people, surroundings and challenges.You will likely grow as a person.

24. Traveling allows you to meet other like minded people and can also allow you to make friends from all over the globe.

25. Not everyone who travels is lost, some often find themselves through traveling.

26. Traveling removes you from your comfort zone.

27. Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. Don’t worry though, the journey is for you not them.

28. You will realize that you are never alone. In every place you are traveling to there are strangers, who are friends you just haven’t met yet!

29. A GPS will not always get you everywhere, sometimes you will need to read a map or ask a local for help.

30. Make sure to check in with your parents or family every few days, to let them know you are okay.

31. You will learn so much about life. Be warned though, the more you travel the more you may struggle to go back to the normality of your everyday life.

32. You will meet some of the most incredible people whilst traveling. Not everyone who travels is the same, yet they all have stories ad wisdom to share. Ones that you would never experience if you didn’t explore and travel.

33. Along the journey you will meet some of the most interesting people on trains,planes and in towns you are exploring. These may lead to dinners,coffees or drinks and although you had an incredible experience, you will learn to understand and enjoy the fact that not all meetings will lead to lifetime friendships, they will however be memories cherished.

34. The more you travel, the more you will likely be willing to try new things in all areas of your life.

35. There are no mistakes when traveling, unless of course it refers to your safety. Eating the wrong foods, meeting the wrong people ending up on a broken down bus to somewhere, flight delays or even a stomach bug are all part of the experience of traveling the world.

36. You will find great magic in getting lost. Yes you read that correctly. Often the most magical sites and people can be found when you are willing to throw away the tourist map and simply explore.

37. Getting away from where you live, can allow you to look at your life and even problems from a different perspective. It can also allow you to rejuvenate and return with a new perspective.

38. You become more confident. Traveling does wonders for even those who are painfully shy, as you will often find yourself in situations where you will have to ask for help, advice and directions.

39. Traveling will allow you to lean about the history of the world, in a way that textbooks never could.

40.When a place or person says no pictures, you must respect them, their beliefs and culture.

41. You will learn and experience new cuisines. It may even encourage you to learn to cook more when you return home.

42. You will learn about diversity and an acceptance and appreciation of other cultures and beliefs.

43. When your family and friends see your posts/ pics of your travel journeys, you may just inspire them to travel more too!

44. You will fall in love, maybe not with a person ( however you never know who you will meet), however you will fall in love with Mother Earth itself, when you see how beautiful she really is and the breathtaking landscapes around the globe.

45. You may find your soul mate whilst traveling. One thing is for sure, you are more likely to meet like minded people who are curious about life whilst traveling that you would you if you stayed at home.

45. Traveling may enhance your creativity. You could be inspired to take photos, pain, draw, sing or learn and instrument as you travel and even meet other folks who are doing so.

46. People are often their most authentic selves when traveling. People often are less stressed, more often and have less pretenses whilst exploring, which allows you to meet people and communicate in an authentic and honest way.

47. You learn to change quickly. As mentioned earlier, nothing quite ever goes to plan. This means that you have to be adaptable for flight changes, delays and unexpected disruptions to your plans. This could also mean changing to allow for good opportunities as well, like an unexpected invite to join a group of strangers on a road trip.

48. Make sure your passport, money and travel documents are in a safe place at all times.

49. It’s good to takes risks especially when traveling, however make sure to remain vigilant and listen to your intuition in the same way you would if you were at home.Always safety first.

50. A lot of the best things to see and do when traveling are free. Although tour groups and guides are great, allow a lot of time to just roam and take pictures too.

51. If you are not already, traveling will turn you into a story teller and the more you travel the more interesting stories you will have to tell.

52. You will learn the skill of traveling. The more you travel, the more you see that there is an art to things getting the most of your experience. How to travel lighter, where to get the best deals, where to find the best foods and not what to do.

53. In many ways traveling will make you fearless.

54. It’s important to get enough sleep whilst traveling in order really get the most out of the experience itself and for your safety. When you are relaxed and well rested, you are more likely to be happier the next day and have your wits about you.

55. If you can’t get enough sleep at night whilst traveling, be sure to get in a few power naps as often as possible. The following eyemask is a must and will allow you to snooze just about anywhere.

56. Not everyone speaks English around the world.

57. You will talk to many people whilst on the road and not everyone will share your set of beliefs. It’s important to respect that and perhaps even learn something from their opinions too.

58. Although its great to take pictures, try to be present and enjoy the place and experience whilst you are there.

59. Sometimes less is better. Although you may be tempted to explore an entire country whilst on vacation, sometimes the traveling time to and from destinations can simply be exhausting. Sometimes its better to have a shorter list of places to see and fully immerse yourself in those.

60. Make time to befriend locals wherever you are. The will often tell you the best things to do in town that will not be listed in a guidebook and may even offer for you to come to their house for dinner.

61 Not everyone is going to be happy with your choice of traveling and the more you travel the more likely there will be people out there who are jealous or envious of your journey. One of the wisest things that was ever said on this matter was the following :

“Comparison is the thief of joy”- Theodore Roosevelt

62. Some will call you ” lucky ” when it comes to traveling and the opportunities you take, however travelers choose it as a choice. In life we manifest and create that which we give attention to and those who seek to spend their time traveling will devote all of their time and money to creating such a reality for themselves.

63. The more you travel, the more you will realize how you need less material possessions in life and more memories.

64. Traveling will teach you that you shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come around, rather you should create them.

65. Traveling can help you become more organized. As you travel you have to learn to turn up at the airport on time, pack your suitcase multiple times, learn to downsize how many items you pack and what is important. These tools can become invaluable in teaching you to  organize your home and life when you return.

66. The more you travel, the more you see and the more you see, the more likely you will become more spiritual. Whether its exploring the great wonders of the world or meetings and speaking with people from different cultures and belief systems, you will start to ponder on the true meaning of life.

67. Life is short, so stop trying to live your life to please others. Traveling will teach you that. You will see that true happiness happens when you follow the path and journey that you are meant to be on, not the path that pleases others.

68. Whilst traveling you are likely to see the hardships of others. This includes many of the places in the world where people lack the basically necessities of clean water and food. You will start to understand how lucky we really are.

69. The more you see and do, the more you will start to give gratitude for being able to travel and explore this this amazing world.

70. Due to globalization, you are likely to find WiFi and internet access now in many parts of the globe. This is a godsend when it comes to keep in touch with friends and family, doing work or even making travel plans.

71. Thanks to technology, many people are now able to telecommute and work from anywhere on the globe. The good news is that more and more jobs are creating these options, allowing for more people take to their work on the road with them.

73.There will never be a perfect time to travel. As the saying goes if you want something you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an excuse.

74. Some of the happiest people on the planet are those who have nothing. Travel to a third world or developing country to see this firsthand, you will likely see throngs of children happily laughing away in the streets. Perhaps we can learn a lot from them.

75. No matter where you go on the planet, no one has it all figure out. We are all searching and seekers in this life.

76. The more you travel , the more you will see that more money is not the answer to a happy life, more purpose is. You can travel the world on limited funds and people do it all the time, you will find a way to be happy doing this if you have found that it brings you purpose.

77. The more you travel, the less need you will have for tv. When traveling you will be fulfilled by interacting with others, seeing the sights and even reading. These habits you can bring home with you, which will allow you to be more present in the real world, instead of wasting time watching tv ” also known as the black hole” .

78. When traveling you will discover that it feels good to help others. Whether its donating your time buildings schools for kids, sharing a meal a homeless person and learning about them or something else, you will come across an array of different kinds of people who you can inspire and pay it forward with. The more you do this, the better you will feel and the likeliness is that you will return home and pay it forward there too.

79. Following trends or trying to be cool just doesn’t work when traveling. When planning your trip or participating in events whilst there, do things that make you happy, not what you think will look when you tell your friends about it on facebook.

80. Making new friends whilst traveling is great, yet don’t forget about your current friends too. The idea of traveling is not to escape your life, rather expand it. Sharing your stories with your friends and encouraging them to explore, can help them expand their world too.

81. You will learn a lot whilst traveling, yet there is always so much more to learn. Try to encourage friends back home to travel more by sharing your experiences and photos of all the wonderful places you have been. Journal about your journey and what you have learned so far and invite others to join you on your next experience. Remember the following :

” If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” – African Proverb

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