2021 Sagittarius Horoscope

Free Astrology 123 presents to you information about your new years 2021 Sagittarius Horoscope.


Sagittarius General Horoscope for 2021

Sagittarius, 2021 will be a year that requires you to put in the hard work, if you want to yield the results.Keeping on your game and watching financial expenses, will allow you to get rid of any unwarranted costs, as well as watch your savings accrue. This will keep your positivity levels high all year, whilst also allowing you to save for your future. The harder you work in 2021, the more results you will see and there will be many lucrative opportunities for you to advance and make money. On the relationship front, there will be opportunities for intimacy and for those who are married or in a relationship, being diplomatic and assertive is key, to refrain from any unwarranted communication between you and your partner.

Sagittarius Career 2021

In all areas of life Sagittarius, you will be required to work extra hard this year and this includes business.From January until the end of March,  will be a great time to meet new business partners, clients or contacts and ones that could potentially become long term and meaningful.During April/ May, you might see some challenges arise,however if you stay on top of your game and vigilant, you will overcome these and move full steam ahead.It would also be wise to avoid making any financial commitments during this time as well.From mid August onwards, the financial pressure will ease off and the last quarter of the year, looks set to be the most productive part of the year overall.

Sagittarius Love 2021

For those who are single and born under the Sagittarius sign, 2021 looks set to bring you a lot of pleasure. You will discover many opportunities this year to meet people, yet be weary of strangers and their hidden intent.The second half of the year looks more favorable, for those looking to enter into a more serious relationship. Take your time getting to know someone and try to be friends first, before committing yourself or declaring your intentions.For those that are currently in a relationship, this could be a good year to tie the knot. Yet be weary that you are also making time for others in your life including family and friends, for in 2021 there could be a tendency that they feel left out. For singles or those in relationships, the year will be about creating and sustaining harmony, with both your relationships and all other areas of your life.

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