2021 Leo Horoscope

Free Astrology 123 presents to you information about your new years 2021 Leo Horoscope.

Leo General Horoscope 2021

In 2021 it’s time to shine Leo and let the world see who you really are. During this time, it’s important to set yourself goals and most importantly, ask yourself what it is that you really want in life. You will be in high spirits and this will allow you to network easily and make encourage people to want to be around you. Your social life will be busier than ever and you can also use these interactions to your advantage for your business or career. Be good to yourself and make sure you are taking care of your health this year and also getting a lot of rest. Success looks on the cards for both money and career, as long as you don’t rush in and make any hasty decisions, many opportunities will be on the cards.

Leo Career 2021

Being the Lion that you are, you will roar this year and push full steam ahead at work. Your communication skills are on point and this will allow you to effectively communicate with both your peers and or superiors. This can also create much sought after opportunities to advance in your career. Jupiter is in the house and will bestow much need positive energy your way, which will allow you to work through any extra works or responsibilities which are delegated your way. Jupiter will have its most positive effect on your around mid-May. For those looking for new job opportunities, January to mid-February looks most favourable and there will also be some planetary transits until mid-June. These will have to support you in any new assignments or tasks. From July till mid-October, you will be required to work extra hard, in order to create the kind of growth that you will want to carry into 2017.

Leo Love 2021

Leo, you will have to be careful when communicating and creating commitments with others this year. You will be busy on the work front, yet it’s important to also prioritize your time with significant others and loved ones. You will be extended many invitations this year and although you will be feeling extremely social, it would be wiser to network and spend your time with those who really deserve your attention. Steer clear from overreacting, should you have a difference of opinion with a lover or potential mate and ask yourself if their visions and goals are in line with yours. If you are currently in a relationship and find that it is getting stale, make sure to mix it up a little this year and find the time to try new things and explore. Make a point of being compassionate more to those around you, to cement better relationships and ease any tension around you. For those who are single, you feel like luck is not on your side, as it could be taking a little more time than anticipated with finding someone compatible. The good news is that as previously mentioned, there will be many opportunities to mingle and look for prospective partnerships and love. Try not to be too needy or expectant and take the time getting to know someone you meet before rushing on in. Should you be looking to tie the knot, try not to be hasty about rushing in and the last quart of 2021 would be best for proposals of any kind.

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