17 Things We Can Do To Change Our Life

In a world where we are all too busy ( or busy being distracted by social media, technology and comparing ourselves to others), it is important for us to accept that we are either busy living our goals and dreams, or we are busy procrastinating.

Instead of endlessly surfing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, comparing to ourselves others, or experiencing major doses of FOMO ( fear of missing out), it is time for us to get it to together and start living a life we will love.

More many, they simply don’t know where to start. The idea of making changes can appear daunting, whether those changes are big or small.

The truth is that a person who is willing to begin taking action in their life today, is already ahead of the pack. It is also true that small actions in our lives, then become the basis for bigger goals to come true as well. The following list is simple , yet provides effective ways you can begin the process of change in your life NOW.


If you must watch tv, watch it for an hour during dinner or when you get home, then turn it off!

2.  Don’t watch tv more than 3 nights per week!


Read books under the self help genre weekly, ones that are more than just hype, have good reviews and more importantly have actionable items within the book.


Create weekly goals to have fun. Do something adventurous and different in your your neighborhood, town or city. Doing this will also likely give you a new found appreciation for where you live.


Make plans to go somewhere every 3 months… Whether it be somewhere in your state, somewhere in your country over overseas.


Focus on your health. Consciously look at the food you are eating on a weekly basis and acknowledge what foods are over processed or unhealthy. Find healthy recipes online and then try them out. You might find that cooking becomes your new favorite hobby.


Speak with a counselor, psychologist, life coach or someone that can mentor you outside of your family and friends circle . Chat to them at least once or twice a month ( weekly if possible). Chatting with someone outside of your ” inner circle” can help provide insight into your personal, professional and life goals with a bias.


Create weekly action items for your dreams and goals. Whether it is starting a new business, training for a marathon, writing a book, losing weight or any personal or professional goal you may have.

If you are not taking weekly action on your goals, you must ask yourself if you really want it? Sit with yourself in a quiet place and ask yourself this question. I you don then scrap it.

If you do really want to succeed with a certain goal or dream, then know that the only way to ensure that it will come true, is the take the above action. Start creating your actionable item list today.


Stop spending so much time on social media and work harder!


Stop hanging out with people who do not share the same morals and values in life as you. We all have a right to be who we are and live our lives in a way that we choose, however if find that you spend much of your time with particular friends, arguing about differences of opinion or ways of being, then maybe its time to let go of your friendship and move on.


Take time to sit alone in a bookstore or cafe with a book each week. It will allow you to break free from your routine, allow you to enjoy your own company ( think of it as a weekly date with yourself) and allow you to disconnect with the world, yet still be around people. Turn off your phone and computer and read something inspiring, or people watch.


Stop spending so much time watching  E entertainment, reading gossip magazines, or the New York Post page 6 and try reading more from from elite.com businessinsider.com or from business and creative news sources.


Stop watching the news so much and freaking out about the weather, wars etc….. find out the basics and stay abreast on current topics, yet stop buying into the sensationalism.


Go to the gym, run or walk at least 3 times a week. If none of these options work for you, find a physical activity that sounds enticing.. Yoga, Zumba, Karate. The idea is that being active should be fun and not feel like work!


Do random acts of kindness for people as often as possible every week


Go to inspiring book events, talk events and learn things… don’t just show up though, take notes


Get up at a time that works for your body. Don’t get up too early in the morning or too late, if it makes you feel tired for the rest of the day. Set your alarm clock to have a healthy 8 hours of sleep.

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