We get it, sometimes its hard to wake up feeling full of enthusiasm. Life isn’t always easy, sometimes it feels bland, or as if nothing is going on, however like the law of attraction states, your life is often a reflection of your own thoughts. If you can find a way to encourage yourself and get inspired today, then maybe tomorrow and every day after that, will look a little better too! We have compiled a list of 11 ways that you can begin inspiring yourself (and others) today!

1. Feed your mind

Doing the same thing is often good, yet repetition can lead to a stifling of your creativity. It’s good to break the cycle of monotony as often as possible and this can often happen with doing even small things different. For example, if you walk or bike to work, take a different route, go down a different street and acknowledge what you are seeing your your path. Enjoy strolling around your neighborhood after work or on weekends and discover parks, cafes and people. Take note of how your senses feel in each of these new places and experiences you are having, what are you seeing, hearing, smelling etc?

2. Make creativity, as important as eating and sleeping!

As humans, we need to eat and sleep in order to function and maintain healthy lives, however that is just for our body, what about our mind? It has been discovered in recent times that creativity is like magic for both our mind and our soul. It helps us bring forth happiness and meaning to our lives, allows us to discover our identity and most importantly try new things.Whether its taking photos on an outing, learning to sketch or doodle for fun, joining an art or acting class, or even learning to play chess, its important to find what you love doing and try something new today.

3. Question the unknown

It’s easy to take comfort in things that we know, yet even the most gift or intelligent people, still do not know everything. Those who know a lot about politics, may not know much about art or sports and vice versa. We live in a time of much diversity, both culturally and spiritually and it’s extremely fascinating to lean more about these things. Preconceived ideas can often give way to new meaning and understanding when we are willing to find out more about a topic we know little about.

4. Be with nature

We hear and read about this in a lot of places nowadays and it cannot be stressed enough, that spending time with nature is not only good for our heath, yet also our well being too. Taking time to go for a walk or stroll through forest, along the beach, go hiking or simply sit and read a book outside, allows you to breathe in fresh among plants, trees, animals and take gratitude in what mother nature has created.

5. Spending time alone

Spend time alone, either once a week or more. Think of it as a date with yourself. Use this time to turn off your phone or get off the computer and read, go to a bookstore, take yourself for a walk or cook a nutritious meal. There are no rules as far as what to do during this time, yet make sure you give gratitude for the solidarity and appreciate that these moments will help you recharge your batteries, in order to get back out there again.

6. Spend time contemplating life

Spend time questioning your own life and life in general. Its important to check in with yourself to find it if things are going to plan. In a world where we are often running full steam ahead, its important to slow it down sometimes and ask ourselves if we are going in the right direction? Ask yourself are you happy with your job? Where you live? Who your friends are? How you treat others and are being treated? Ask yourself important questions and find out if you are on the right path.

7. Take time to journal daily

This one is harder than it s sounds, because most people struggle to actually put the art of journal-ling into practice. It is such a simple task, yet requires us to carve out time in our daily busy lives to do so. Determine whether you will have more ¬†time in the mornings, afternoons or evenings and pencil in this ritual the same way you would showering eating and so forth. Write about your thoughts, frustrations, dreams and hopes and write stream of conscious, meaning don’t filter your thoughts, simply write. The more you do this, the more you will not only offload the negativity and frustrations of the day, you will also learn a lot about yourself too!

8. Watch a TED talk

By now, many of us know about Ted talks, which are inspirational videos from events where speakers on a broad range of topics have inspired people around the world. Some of the most interesting and out of the box thinkers of our time, have given us talks that have either made us question things about ourselves and life, or have made us want to get up and take action on something like never before.

9. Pay it Forward

The term pay it forward, means to do a kind gesture for someone and someone whom you expect nothing from back. Doing a selfless act of kindness for a stranger or someone you know allows you to feel good and also restore their faith in humanity as well. Paying it forward ideas, can include buying a coffee for someone you know or a stranger, opening a door, helping someone with their groceries to name a few. Paying it forward ideas can include buying someone something, or even giving someone a compliment and leaving them with a nice gesture. Any pay it forward act is a good one and the possibilities are endless.

10. Share your authenticity with others

This could include allowing yourself to be vulnerable about an experience you have had in the past. How did you feel, what are your thoughts now? Are you willing to share your honest feelings and thoughts about a subject or life with others? Too often we conceal or bottle up our true feelings and become frustrated. Being authentic always you to be true to both yourself and others and can open up new possibilities and ways of being. Sharing your authenticity can be done in person, on the phone, through email or even blogging about it, if you would like to invite others to benefit of listening to your wisdom and experience.

11. Use Facebook for Inspiration

As much as many of us like to express our love/ hate relationship with Facebook, if used correctly, it can be used as a tool to find inspiration. There are many fan pages of influential people who are successful in love, life and everything in between. Just think Tony Robbins for a second, a guru of wisdom and positivity ans who regularly posts inspiration about love and life. If Tony’s not for you, there are many different inspirational pages that explore everything from #mondaymotivation , quote images and posts that will inspire you throughout the week. Dn’t know where to begin? Simply go to Facebook’s search bar and type in the word inspiration itself and you can get started right there.

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