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Have you tried any of our free tarot readings yet? We currently offer three types, including our 1 card tarot ,3 card tarot and Horseshoe spreads.( My personal fav is the 1 card tarot).

Our 1 card tarot feature, is a great tool that you can use as often as you like, to find out answers to your burning questions about love, career, finance and more. All of us are intuitive individuals, however many of us are too emotionally caught up, to think rationally or logically about a situation or circumstance in our lives. This is why it is wonderful to be able to consult a tool like our 1 card tarot, to get an outside and unbiased perspective on the situation.

So how does it work?

Click on the following 1 Card Tarot Link and once there you will see a virtual tarot deck before you. Stop for a moment and breathe. Really sit with your thoughts and get clear on the question that you are wanting to ask .When you are ready, shuffle the cards and as you silently ask the question yourself, then click select. You will then be taken to a new page, where your card for the day will be revealed to you.


Lot’s of peace and happiness

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