Tarot Spread 2

Many people around the world have been fascinated with the world of Tarot. It has been around for centuries and provided many people with a great tool to not only understand their past, present and future, yet also helped them to become be their own life coach. Every Tarot deck contains 78 cards and every card has a different meaning and interpretation. Online Astrology is a great way to delve into all area of your life.

Angel Cards are very different than Tarot cards and although are divination tools, that can help bring clarity to your life,  it is important to understand the difference between the two.

It is also useful to understand how psychics use tarot cards to assist them in their readings and how it helps them accurately predict the past, present and future for those that they are reading.

 Some choose to use the Tarot for guidance on a daily basis and prefer a more generic spread. Letting their intuition guide them when shuffling and revealing the cards. Others prefer to ask questions specifically about love, career or a particular situation at hand.

The best part about receiving a Tarot reading, is that it can be done online ( like we have in our free online tarot reading deck), on the phone or in person. You can choose to have your Tarot Cards read by a professional Tarot reader, by a friend or you can even learn the cards yourself, in order to give a personal reading.

With a free Love Tarot Card Reading, Free Psychic Love Reading, or any Tarot Readings free on our site, you can find out what is coming up for you in the not so distant future. Free Readings, are also useful as you can access them whenever you feel the need. This could be daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you are unsure and need some clarity. Psychic Readings are a great resource to help you with all areas of your life.

The best part about learning to read and use the cards yourself, is that you can fine tune your intuition and become more confident every single time you do a Tarot Reading! Want to know more about the tarot? Enjoy our Tarot Reading Online for free, only here at FreeAstrology123!

The following two Tarot readings are our personal favorites:

Single Card Tarot

tarot_spreads_single_card Enjoy a single card reading, where you ask the Tarot a single question and get answers to your most burning questions.

3 Card Tarot

tarot_spreads_three_card Learn more about the 3 Card Tarot Spread : Would you like to try your own free 3 card Tarot reading?

Other types of Tarot Readings

There are many other types of different Tarot Readings and spreads, that can help assist you in gaining clarity and direction in your life, as well as answering your most burning questions. These spreads include :

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, The Horseshoe Tarot Spread,