Chinese Lucky Number 1

All About Chinese Lucky Number 1

The Chinese Lucky Number One or 1, symbolizes the beginning. In many ways it represents the simplest of numbers, yet can also be perceived as being very complex. In Taoist culture, the number one means unity and is also regarded as the “mother of all creatures”, by some philosophers. The Chinese are said to respect the number one, for its obvious meaning of being first. In many situations, in both the East and the West, this number is also known to be the winner. In Chinese culture, the number one can also symbolize the union of one heart, or to love one person wholeheartedly for eternity. It has been said, that one Chinese bridegroom once gave his new wife 111 roses, to symbolize that he would never again love another.

The Tao say it best with ” One begets two”. Everything in existence begins with one and also comes into awareness with this particular number. The number one is said to embody masculine energy and is a number that can hold great power for creation. Whatever growth or potential lies ahead, it is said to all begin with one. It is also the number used during initiations of many different kinds. When the number one is paired with other numbers, such as 234, creating the sequence of 1234, it is then said to to become even more powerful and will create positivity and perhaps even fortune, in whatever context it is used.

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