Melissa Desmond, the creator of Manifest Your Magic, is an Intuitive Channel who connects with Source and Spirit to empower people to heal, grow and create the life of their dreams. With a corporate business development career of more than 13 years, Melissa offers the perfect blend of Spirit, Strategy and Solutions aimed to inspire happiness, create positive life flow and fulfil dharma. “We are eternal, radiant, and innately magical beings imbued with the power to create our life experience with our words, thoughts, beliefs and intentions. We are not here by accident or coincidence. We are here to live our best lives by following our passion and fulfilling our dharma. We are the Divine Creators, and when we Awaken Our Power we are able to Manifest our Magic.” Melissa offers Life Path Coaching, Intuitive Consultancy, Card Readings and Manifestation Coaching in person in New York and to clients all around the world via Skype and email.

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