As a singer-songwriter, actress and motivational speaker, Ashleigh Ashton has enjoyed many doors opening her way! Ashleigh is now 20, and has written over 150 songs, was featured in a national TMobile commercial, won the Rialto Idol, and was a finalist in the Colgate Country Showdown. In 2012, Ashleigh was the winner of the FAME Chicago award. In 2014, Ashleigh won Chicago Independent Music Award's Best Pop Artist in Chicago, 2014. Last year, she performed at music festivals in New York, Florida, and California. Ashleigh will return this year to each festival. Ashleigh also has an acting background. She is an 8 year alumni of Piven Theatre's Company and a member of Second City. This year, Ashleigh is excited to be working as an artist mentor with F.A.M.E. Being one of seven children, the opportunities the F.A.M.E. Program opened many doors to were a very valuable. She looks forward to helping others achieve their dreams! She is currently publishing her first book on AMAZON about her experience about how she overcame being bullied in school. Ashleigh also speaks at colleges and high schools, giving tools to empower, inspire and as well as reach for their dreams!

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