2016 Virgo Horoscope

Free Astrology 123 presents to you information about your new years 2016 Virgo Horoscope.

Virgo General Horoscope 2016

Virgo, you will be focused on achieve balance and success in your life in 2016 and the fruits of of your labor will start to pay off this year. Venus, the planet of of good luck and fortune favors you, particularly in the first half of the year. Good fortune will linger around you at this time, so make sure to be open for any opportunities that come your way.You will achieve greater financial security this year, which will bring along with it many comforts and will ease any anxiety you have been experiencing in previous years. If you wish to change up your routine or job, success in on the cards, with the positive vibes of Jupiter in your chart. There may be a few setbacks that come about, however stay focused, stop analyzing so much and channel your energy more into better communication with others.

Virgo Career 2016

Saturn will be well positioned in your chart this year Virgo, which will call for your dedication and stronger work ethic in your job or career. January til March, will be a good time for you to map out what you want in the year and what you can do to achieve it. There will be promising or lucrative career opportunities around later in the year around September for those looking to advance, you will find many alluring doors opening for you around this time Virgo. Saturn’s retrogression from April until August, may see you getting distracted, so it will be important during this time to stay focused on goals.Those looking for work will see the months of May and June favorable with Venus in the house and overall the year looks set for opportunities and good placements, should you seek them out this year Virgo.

Virgo Love 2015

Virgo, in 2016 you will need to keep your emotions in check and beware of mood swings, which could come into play and affect your interaction with others.The year will carry with it many highs and lows emotionally and this will leave you questioning where you are headed romantically.For those unattached, you may be looking for intimate relationships, however with the many planetary transits going on in your sign, you may find that others are supportive or not in line with your way of thinking. These planetary signs may impact your dealings with others and ability to be on the same page, ultimately creating a struggle to be part of a serious relationship.Make time to meditate on your feelings and don’t rush into anything too quickly this year Virgo, for those wanting to tie the knot 2017 will likely be a better year for cementing your relationship.

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