2016 Pisces Horoscope

Free Astrology 123 presents to you information about your new years 2016 Pisces Horoscope.

Pisces General Horoscope 2015

2016, looks set to be a great year for you Pisces, even a powerful year if you play your cards right.You will be feeling enthusiastic and with such positive vibes, will attract many new friends and grow your circle.Pisces has great intuition and in 2016, it is wise you follow these instincts, to help guide you in investments and with your money. In late April/ May, when Mercury is in retrograde, your health both physically and mentally will become a focus. You will enjoy experiencing a sense of calm, unlike you have had in a very long time. During this time you will be able to make both smart decisions in business and communicate well with others, allowing your relationships to flourish. There will be a Mercury- Venus conjunction, which will linger in your chart all year long, allowing for you to stay sharp , focused and on track with your goals.

Pisces Career 2016

Pisces, you will be looking for perfection this year at work, however if you want to stay on track and achieve success, you will need to stay focused and diffuse any altercations with others at work. There may be some miscommunication, or different ways of thinking with others and it will be important for you to lack rationally and look for ways to move forward regardless.You will work hard this year and there will be incentives for you to perform better, in order to progress in your career or business. Knuckle down and keep a low profile during April to June and in July you could also see yourself with some additional work responsibilities. You are great at handling tasks Pisces, so stay focused and then the last quarter of the year will be successful and smooth sailing from here on in.

Pisces Love 2016

Pisces, for those who are single this year, make sure not to rush into a relationship, even if you are craving intimacy or love. Take the time to be patient and not make judgement on others,until you can see the bigger picture. Avoid aloof or mysterious types with questionable pasts.You will have many opportunities to meet others this year, of all ages and backgrounds, however make sure to find out more about the other person and if their goals and visions are in line with yours, before rushing on in.For those who in a relationships, the sounds of wedding bells are indicated and you will feel that the time is right to take things to the next level. Maintaining a balance in both your personal and professional life is important this year is important, as is keeping humor and spontaneity in the relationship.Pay attention to others needs and also to yourself, getting as much rest as possible, so you are not exhausted and able to participate in outings with others.

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