2014 Gemini Horoscope

Free Astrology 123 presents to you information about your yearly 2014 Gemini Horoscope.

Gemini General Horoscopes for 2014

You have been working hard and in 2014,  the workload will in fact increase. If you want to see your dreams and plans come to fruition Gemini, this year is going to see you working extremely hard for it. It would be extremely beneficial for you to create a time management schedule that includes some type of yoga and meditation in the mix, to keep you calm and your stress levels down. Plenty of short trips could be in the cards this year and there will be plenty of communication going on. You are extremely persuasive this year and any ideas or plans you may have, should come to fruition as you easily convince others to engage in your pursuits.

Gemini Career 2014

In business and career, you have and will continue to lay down a good foundation for your projects and plans. You may get frustrated with colleagues or business partners and yet it would be best to try to stick it out and continue working hard, rather than change jobs or direction. Although you may feel like you are not being rewarded for your efforts Gemini, you are in fact laying down a good foundation for the future. Between September and Dec, any business that involves travel will be a successful one with a good financial outcome.

Gemini Love 2014

For those who are in serious relationships or marriage, this year looks like your relationship will from strength to strength. For the single Geminis out there, the first half of the year may seem a bit slow, yet after July there could be many trips and invites to get out of town. You never know who you may meet on one of these stays and also in September and October, these are months are looking good on the love and romance front. For those looking to take their relationship to the next level Gemini, there will be lots happening this year and it will be a good test to see how well you support each other both emotionally and financially, an indication of what would could be long term. For those looking to tie the knot, you may want to speak to one of our live psychics and find out some answers first!

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